“Rhinoplasty”  Nose aesthetics is a plastic surgery operation performed by making changes to the bone and cartilage structures within this structure of the nose shape. A successful rhinoplasty surgery is to contribute to the harmony of the face, providing integrity and harmony with the person’s face, and to obtain a natural-looking nose.

In people who will undergo rhinoplasty, a specialist surgeon must check whether their nasal tissues are suitable for aesthetic surgery. A nose surgery that you want to be flawless must be performed by a surgeon who is an expert in the field.


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Rhinoplasty with Piezo Method (Nose Aesthetics)

It is the process of cutting and shaping the nasal bones by using ultrasonic waves instead of the cutting and crushing tools used in traditional rhinoplasty surgeries.
Nose aesthetic surgery with Piezo method; It is a rhinoplasty method that allows the nose to be shaped into the desired shape without damaging any tissue.
In the piezo technique, sound waves shape only the nasal bones during surgery and do not damage other soft tissues, vessels and nerves.
Therefore, it is a more reliable method than other rhinoplasty operations.  Since there is no need for bleeding during the operation and breaking of the nasal bone in nose shaping performed with the piezo technique, there is less post-operative swelling or bruising on the face.